PS Auto Clicker
an utility for PokerStars

PS Auto Clicker works with the new game tables of PokerStars (Aurora graphics).

PS Auto Clicker (PokerStars Auto Clicker aka PSAC) allows you to:

  1. press automatically the button I'm Back for whatever reason it appears
  2. press automatically the button of Time Bank, if button is not trigged, to ask additional time
  3. place automatically in the foreground game tables on wich has been pressed the button of 'Time Bank' or 'I'm Back'
  4. emit a short info sound once has been automatically clicked a game table

Buttons are pressed between 0 and 4 seconds after them appear.

PS Auto Clicker:

Holdem Manager/Poker Tracker users: HM and PT have a more low level code than  PS Auto Clicker and so them can block some its functions. If this happens please try to run both PS Auto Clicker, the PokerStars client and HM/PT with Admin privileges (right click on the program icons / Run as Admin). You can do this once (for each program) by Windows 10: Right click them desktop icons /Properties /Compatibility /Check "Run as administrator".

If you enable the functionality "Time Bank" of PSAC note that leaving the default first option for the Trigger in the Settings of Pokerstars, the program routine to press the button will not start at BB and SB, since button is already pressed: no button click, no foreground, no sound.
Choose: "Never" if you want to use this functionalities also at BB and SB.

The Options window:

By this window (available by program menu) you can enable the desired features. As you can see to set program features is extremely simple.


All functions are disabled by default. You can enable/disable them again by the Options window.

The function 'Auto-click' the button 'I'm Back' can be enabled/disabled much more quickly by left-clicks on the program icon, on the Windows task bar. When the feature is disabled the program icon changes from green-azure ( ) to red ( ) and vice versa.

The additional sound can be changed at will, replacing the file "snd.wav", located in the program folder, with whatever another .wav sound renamed with the same name: 'snd.wav'.

NOTE: when you position the mouse cursor over the button 'Time Bank'. the button itself changes color slightly: in this case PSAC does not presses automatically it, as it thinks you are making a gaming decision.

Same goes for the button 'I'm Back' : if the mouse cursor is over it, the program assumes that you are thinking if to return in game or not, and lets the decision be yours.

PS Auto Clicker is a trialware program, that you can try for 30 days. After this period the program must be registered by the relevant item in the program Menu.