The unregistered version of PS Hand Value can be used without time limit, with the restriction that is available only a single HUD.

To use up to 6 HUDs of PS Hand Value opened simultaneously you must register the program, by the appropriate menu item, entering a password which is sent within 24 hours after making a donation.

Note: PS Hand Value generates the same CODE of the obsolete previous version of the program, that is PS Hand Watcher. So PS Hand Watcher v.X.X registered users do not need to donate: they can register for free by the previous password of PS Hand Watcher.

You can view the current amount of the donation and the procedures to follow to make it and to request the password in the donation web page.

Clicking the "Register" menu item is launched the registration window:

Pressing the "Get the Password" button opens the Donate window:

Once made the donation (Step1) by pressing the "Open the default email program" you will open a new message window with automatically inserted the text to send.

If you don't have installed in the PC a default mail program (for example you use a webmail) go to the webmail and then "right click / paste" into the body of the new message: the text (previously copied into the Clipboard) will be automatically inserted.

Once you have the password, you can install PS Hand Watcher in any PCs you want, logging in with your PokerStars username and the received password.