Note: AlarmStickies2 is obsolete and no more updated.
It's highly recommended to download Alarm Stickies 3 instead



Download  the program: it's free (1.95 MB)

To install the program you must be logged in Windows with User Account of Administrator
(that's the default option for single users)

System requirements:
-Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Net.Framework 4.0 (or more)
-Windows Vista with Net.Framework 4.0 (or more) 
-Windows 7 / 8 / 10


depending on the settings of the OS, the program icon may initially be placed in the "hidden icons" window.

In this case simply grab it with the mouse and drag it to the TaskBar, or customize its default state.

Update history:

Version (last update)

Upgrade specific to inform users of AS2 about the new Alarm Stickies 3.

 (11 Nov 2016)

Code recompiled with the last patch of Microsoft VS.

(03 Oct 2014)

First public release.