AlarmStickies2: fast notes with electronic stickies

Note: AlarmStickies2 is obsolete and no more updated.
It's highly recommended to download Alarm Stickies 3 instead

AlarmStickies2 is a 100% freeware program (no advertising, no popups with donation requests) that allows you, by the use of "electronic stickies" like that in figure:

  • to have with great speed a support where to record a note, which should no longer be lost.
  • to be notified automatically, on the date and hour you set, of what at the time recorded.
  • to have a practical Quarterly Calendar.
  • to record recurrences such as birthdays, anniversaries etc and to be alerted a few days before.
  • to have a spacious rubric - phonebook with search functions

Open a Sticky in half second, write the note, set the alert, close che Sticky moving it more than one of the lateral edges of the screen... done!

Stickies can be modified in size, font and color (the single Sticky or all the new Stickies).

When an alert is reached Stickies automatically jump in the center of the screen, with date and hour in red (can also be added a sound).

The quarterly calendar:

Click to show full image

The recurrences window:
Recurrences are displayed (days highlighted in different colors) in the Quarterly Calendar (see image above).

More, if yoy enable the related option, you can be alerted with a message some days before the expiration of the recurrences.
AlarmStickies2 is an update of my previous reminder utiliy AutoPostit2,
that is deprecated since the world "Post-It" is a 3M Company  trade mark