PS Advanced Hand Value: Display your hand value (hand strength) enlarged and in your own language.

NOTE: the current version of PS Advanced Hand Value only supports game tables with Client area width from 729 to 867 pixels (Client area: table area without window title and borders, default Client width 792 pixels). Following versions will support other sizes.

PS Hand Value Plus displays the hand values on PokerStars Texsas Hold'em game tables in Huds that you can move anywhere. At the opening of the program, Huds are placed into the game tables in which you logged in, in the last set position. Just move one to automatically move all them in the same relative position in all open tables


The searching hole cards routine is the same as that of PS Hand Watcher, so it is preferable to avoid using the two programs at the same time, especially with low performance PCs.

The unregistered version of the program can be used indefinitely, with the limitation that is available only a single HUD. Furthermore HDSs are not available in the real money Zoom tables (you can test the program on tables Zoom play money).

The registered version supports up to a maximum of 24 HUDs open simultaneously.

You can quickly access to the available Help files (English, Italian and French) by the program menu or by them shortcuts in the folder: Start / Programs / PS Hand Value Plus.

Huds managing

By the Options window you can change many settings of the Huds, like:

  • Hand value font, font color and language
  • Hud background color (transparent color too) and padding (distance between hand value and Hud border)
  • You can choose if display cards values by letters or numbers / Symbols (ex. A instead of Ace)
e1 e2 e3 e4
Default Hud Changing font, back
and padding
Custom language and
numbers instead letters
Transparent backcolor
with white font

Hand values with brackets:

Some values are not "your real" values, as in the examples below:

Huds Hole Cards  Board cards
jf 9q aq qp 9f Ace is NOT in your hands
aq 9f 4q jf 6q jp All Jacks are on the board
9f qp jf 9q 9q 2p

A "real" three of a kind (Set in english)
is made with a hand pair

in the above cases, if the option is selected, cards are inserted between brackets.

Add 4/5 draw (straight, flush or both):

draw jf 9f 4q tf 6q 7f

Flush draws are easy to see,
straight draws a bit less,
expecially multitabling

The Log file:

Futhermore, is created a Log file (accessible by menu) that contains data relating to the program settings, and your hand values.

---------------- Session start -----------------
Starting time: 07/10/2017 21:14:26
-------------------- Data ----------------------
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit ita
App Version: 32 bit
Monitor native resolution: 1440x900
Monitor current resolution: 1440x900
OS text dimensions: 100%
Color 4 is set to: 0
User is playing on PokerStars.IT
------------------------------------------- Hud 1 on 000509AE
Time: 07/10/2017 01:14:42
Inserting Hud on Cigno - €0.05/€0.10 Eur- No Limit Hold'em with handle: 000509AE
Client with on 000509AE is: 700
Game #176583742260 000509AE: High card (Ace)
Game #176583779153 000509AE: Overcards: King and Jack
Game #176583794538 000509AE: A pair of Tens
Game #176583813540 000509AE: A pair of (Aces)
Game #176583813540 000509AE: Two pair: (Aces) and Threes
Game #176583813540 000509AE: Full House of Three and Ace
Game #176583842466 000509AE: A pair of (Eights)
Game #176583842466 000509AE: Three of a kind, (Eights)
Game #176583888568 000509AE: A pair of (Fours)
Game #176583907381 000509AE: A pair of Threes
Game #176583920235 000509AE: Top pair of Jacks
------------------------------------------- Hud 1 on 000509AE
Time: 07/10/2017 21:20:09
Game Table is closed.
---------------- End of session ----------------
You have played 20 hands
Max joined tables: 1
End time: 21:20:09 -Play Time: : 00:05:47