PS Hand Watcher: your hand strength at PokerStar tables

NOTE: the current version of PS Hand Watcher only supports game tables with Client area width from 729 to 867 pixels (Client area: table area without window title and borders, default Client width 792 pixels). Following versions will support other sizes.

This utility checks your hole cards at the Texas Hold'em PokerStars game tables, reporting in HUDs (panels positioned within the logged gaming tables) your hand strength (value), as well as other data.

The searching hole cards routine is the same as that of PS Advanced Hand Valuer, so it is preferable to avoid using the two programs at the same time, especially with low performance PCs.

The program has been verified and approved  by the PokerStars Game Integrity Team.

The unregistered version of PSHW can be used indefinitely, with the limitation that is available a single HUD. Furthermore in the unregistered version HUDs are locked into the real money Zoom tables (you can test it on play money tables). The registered version supports up to a maximum of 24 HUDs open simultaneously.

PSHW reads your cards any language is set for Lobby and game tables. 

You can select the language of PSHW regardless of the language selected for Lobby, game tables and Hand History of PokerStars. Available languages: english, french, italian, spanish and russian (spanish and russian only HUDs, windows and Help in english).

Help is available in english, french and italian. Note: if you change the PSHW language may be you have to close and open again PSHW to access by menu to the new language Help.

The HUDs:

PSHW panel
Your highest card
Your lowest card
The number of times you received the hole cards
The number of identical cards on the table
The straight-fifths of the cards on the table
The flush-fifths of the cards on the table
Your hand strength + your 4/5 straight + your 4/5 flush if selected
BT Bet Timer: shows the time elapsed from when it's your turn to bet

Abbreviations (labels n. 5, 6 and 7):

Bilateral Straight
Quinte bilatérale
Escalera bilateral
Color Ф Флеш

At the Flop and Turn are displayed, if the Option is enabled, also the Pot/Odds HUDs:
PSHW odds
  1. The current Pot
  2. How much you have to put to participate in the hand (Bet)
  3. The percentage ratio between Bet and Pot+Bet
  4. The draws taken into consideration
  5. The probability percentage to improve your point (Odds) based on the Outs

To read properly the amount of the pot on the game tables is preferable to set the monitor resolution to the native one.

Note: atm the feature doesn't work with "Slick" and "Saloon" themes. Besides the feature doesn't work on GBP (£) cash tables.

HUDs can be moved as desired simply grabbing
them by the mouse at any point on the first line
of data or in the Bet Timer box when visible.

The lower boxes can be distanced vertically by
a few centimeters from the data line, as shown
in the figure.

The Options:

You can access the Options window by the program menu.

The Options window contains two tabs (more infos in the Help file):

1) Settings:

PSHW options 1

2) Other:

PSHW options 2

Is also available a Log file that reports some data of your game sessions:

---------------- Session start -----------------
Starting time: 21/09/2015 16:35:20
-------------------- Data ----------------------
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit ita
App: 32 bit -SHOD: True -ADDR: True
Native res: 1440x900 -Current res: 1440x900
------------------------------------------- Main
Found Theme: default -Lang: 9 -Sep: ,
------------------------------------------- Main
[21/09/2015 16:35:20] enabling VOD
---------------------------- Panel 1 on 002005AA
Time: 21/09/2015 16:35:22
Opening NLHE 5/10 6 max #1 - Logged In as User
---------------------------- Panel 2 on 0020362A
Time: 21/09/2015 16:35:45
Opening NLHE 5/10 6 max #2 - Logged In as User
---------------------------- Panel 1 on 002005AA
Time: 21/09/2015 17:35:12
Closing Panel on handle 002005AA
---------------------------- Panel 2 on 0020362A
Time: 21/09/2015 17:36:04
Closing Panel on handle 0020362A
---------------- End of session ----------------
Played hands: 245 -Max Open Panels: 2
Session top hand value:
Full of Q and A on Hand #141223278575
End time: 17:36:18 -Play Time: : 01:00:58