PS Wins Viewer: display your winnings at PokerStars tables

PS Wins Viewer is an utilty that displays your winnings (and other selectable data) at the PokerStars game tables in little HUDs positioned within the gaming tables themselves, HUDs which you can freely move where you prefer.

The program has been verified and approved  by the PokerStars Game Integrity Team.

The wins HUD:

PSWV wins

Is also available a Panel that displays the total wins of the session, which is positioned on the System Tray Bar:

PSWV total wins

The available HUD items are:

PSWV full wins
  1. Label of won money on every single table
  2. Label of total hands played on the table
  3. Label of VPIP wins % (VPIP = Voluntarily Put $ In Pot: when you put money into the pot voluntarily. Note that putting the Big Blind is not a VPIP)
    The value is given by the ratio between the number of times you won the pot after putting VPIP and the total number of times that you put VPIP
  4. Label of the number of VPIP hands (when you put money voluntarily in the pot)

The layout of the HUDs can be set up through appropriate window:

PSWV layout

In order to work properly PS Wins Viewer requires that in the in the PokerStars Lobby Options:

  • is enabled the Save My Hands History option
  • is set for the Hands History the english or  italian language.

Please note that:

  • PS Wins Viewer works only with real money No Limit Texas Holdem cash tables.
  • The unregistered version of PS Wins Viewer supports only one HUD (you can open multiple tables but the HUD is displayed on a single table).
  • The unregistered version does not support tables ZOOM: the Panel is displayed, but remains at 0.
  • The registered version supports up to 18 Panels.

To view Huds more than on one table or so that Huds will also update on Zoom tables, you must register by the corresponding menu item.