PS Zoom Database: HUD for PokerStars zoom tables

PS Zoom DB displays in HUDs, located inside the 6-max low stakes Zoom cash tables of PokerStars, some statistics that give you useful infos about the gameplay of your opponents.

The program has been verified and approved  by the PokerStars Game Integrity Team.

Table HUDs have two panels:

  • The Players panel, always visible, that displays the table players in alphabetic order
  • The Stats panel, that you can open by mouse click into a player label or by hotkey, showing statistics about the player. By the Options window you can set the stats to display.

PSZDB supports ONLY 6-Max Zoom No Limit Texas Hold'em real money game tables, with stakes between NL2 and NL50.


Please note that:
  • The unregistered version of the program can be used in all its tasks for about 45 days.
  • PSZDB has 6 HUDs available for a maximum of 6 cash tables open at the same time (both zoom or not).
  • PSZDB attaches its HUDs to any logged in 6-Max No Limit Texas Hold'em real money cash table, but are enabled only those attached to right Zoom tables.
  • PSZDB reads the PokerStars HHs both in english and italian language.

The Stats window:

Program user can display an adwanced window about his stats.


The Find player window
PSZDB find window

The Options



PSZDB options