PS Never SitOut 2
a utility for PokerStars

PS Never Sitout 2 is the specific version of PSNSO for PokerStars game tables on which has been set the new Aurora graphics.

PSNSO2 allows you to:

  1. to press automatically the 'I'm Back' button when you go in forced Sit Out owing to time out
  2. to press automatically the 'TimeBank' button (at the Flop, if needed to ask additional time)
  3. to put automatically in the foreground a game table if its initial timebank time is less than a set value

Please take note:

Program works for all the occurrences that happen after the program has been launched (or after the feature has been eventually activated / reactivated by the program Options).

As already said versions 2.x of the program don't work with game tables with old graphic. Use PS Never SitOut v1.x instead.

Features of PS Never SitOut 2:

Holdem Manager/Poker Tracker users: HM and PT have a more low level code than  PS Never SitOut 2 and so them can block some its functions. If this happens please try to run both PS Never SitOut 2, the PokerStars client and HM/PT with Admin privileges (right click on the program icons / Run as Admin).

You can do this once (for each program) by Windows 10: Right click them desktop icons /Properties /Compatibility /Check "Run as administrator".

The Options window:

By this window (available by program menu) you can enable the desired features.

The feature that allows the program to auto-click on the button 'I'm Back' is enabled by default. You can disable/enable again it by the Options window or much more quickly by left-click on the program icon, on the Windows task bar (another click to enable again). When the feature is disabled the program icon changes from green-azure ( ) to red ( ) and vice versa.

Pressing the button 'I'm Back', due to the settings of the Client of PokerStars the table jumps in the foreground, so by the settings of PSNSO2 you can enable the option to automatically activate the previous game table. This feature is not necessary when is pressed the button 'Time Bank', since game tables don't jump in the foreground.

Note that the option to put game tables in the foreground if the remaining Time Bank is less than X seconds works only if is also enabled the auto click of the button 'Time Bank'.

Pressing strength of buttons: unfortunately the buttons of the game tables of PokerStars are not REAL buttons, each with their own Id_Number (easy to press): them are simply drawn on the game tables.

This makes buttons much more difficult to be pressed: depending on the game modes that have been set in the PokerStars Client (and if buttons are visible or not), may be required to enhance pressures in order that buttons receive the message. It seems that a level 2 (dafault value) is enough in most cases. If in your case it is sufficient the level 1: BETTER. If there are too many errors in the buttons pressing try to set level 3.

Due to the fact that the buttons are drawn on the game tables unfortunately there will be random errors pressing the buttons, especially if at the time of pressing the game tables are covered by other windows or at that exact moment you are using the mouse. However, the program will work in most cases, especially in the automatic pressing of the button 'I'm back'.

Note: the additional sound that you can enable in the section "Time Bank" can be changed at will, replacing the file "snd.wav", located in the program folder, with another .wav sound renamed with the same name: 'snd.wav'.

Privacy: to avoid the program to connect on internet at its startup (to check for updates), you can uncheck the related check box: no data exchange over the internet unless you manually check for the availability of updates, pressing the relative button. Only in the trial period will be anyway received some bytes of control (but zero bytes sent).

PS Never Sitout 2 is a trialware program, that you can try for 30 days. After this period the program must be registered by the relevant item in the program Menu.