i32 PS Play ByVoice
a PokerStars utility

PS Play ByVoice allows you to play by voice the same PokerStars actions that are currently enabled by hotkeys. This means that you have to set one or more hotkeys in the settings of the PokerStars Lobby and check that them are activated on game tables. The speech recognition is done by means of the Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine V11.

Pls consider that to have a good speech recognition you would have a good quality microphone. Rarely the Microsoft Speech Engine stops to recognize normally recognized words. In this case click to the program icon to stop the speech recognition engine and another click to reset an activate it again.

PS Play ByVoice sends the voice commands to the active game table or to the game table under mouse, according with your PokerStars settings related to the hotkeys.

PS Play ByVoice features:

PS Play ByVoice is a trialware program that you can try it for free in all it tasks for about 45 days.

Note: whatever language you install, initially voice commands, by way of example, are set in Great Britain english language. You can then change them at will by the 'Test' window. Voice commands must be written and read according with the current installed language.

If enabled (checking the related checkbox in the Test window) during the normal operation of the program is displayed a little window that shows the words recognized from the Speech engine and the quality % of recognition. It' s strongly suggested to display the window at least in the first days of use, to verify the quality of the voice input.

wrd The little window that displays the voice commands during the game (enabled via the checkbox nr. 8), with the percentage of speech recognition.
w2 Has been recognized a word related to the voice command 'Set Bet Amount to Allin' but with a quality% of recognition below the minimum set.
The window background is yellow and the voice command will not be sent to the hotkeys.
w3 Has been recognized a word related to voice command 'Fold & Watch', but currently the voice command is disabled in the PokerStars settings: the background of the window is red and the voice command will not be sent to the hotkeys.

The voice commands can be temporarily stopped at any time, left-clicking the program icon (that becomes e ). Click again to activate (note: clicking the icon you deactivate the game tables. Click a game table to activate them again).

Before to run PS Play ByVoice check that the microphone is working properly. Then test the recognition of your custom voice commads by the Test window.