Copy mask and wildchars

May be you don't want to copy all the files of a origin folder, but only files with a certain names or certain extension.

At this purpose you can use the "copy mask" text boxes and the wildchars ('*' or '?'), writing in the box the desired options.

* Zero or more characters
? Exactly one character

Some examples:

*.* copies all files (any name and any extension)
*.jp* copies files with any name and extension that begins with 'jp' (jpg, jpeg)
d*.* copies all files that begin with 'd', any extension
*.avi copies only files with 'avi' extension
???.* copies only files with name three chars long, any extension
??mov.mkv copies only files like '21mov.mkv', 'xymov.mkv'

So doing you can also copy from a single origin folder to different destination folders, depending from the extension of the origin folder files, like in the below example: