Create a portable version

Being a simple .NET application, after its installation you can easily make a portable version of CopyFolder: simply copy on a USB PenDrive both the files:

(that you can find in the folder "Programs(x86) / CopyFolder") and then run "CopyFolder.exe" directly from the PenDrive ('CopyFolders.exe' and NOT 'CopyFolders.exe.config', that is the file where are stored default data (automatic check of updates enabled and origin and destination folders empty).

Only limits:

In fact any different drive/folder from which you will run CopyFolder will create a new data file related to the different starting Path. This means that if when you insert the PenDrive in a PC the Pen itself has changed letter from the last time (e.g. from G:\ to F:\)... you will find default data and not the previous ones.