Download the program: it's free (1.3 MB)

To install the program you must be logged in Windows with User Account of Administrator
(that's the default option for single users)

System requirements:
-Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Net.Framework 4.0 (or more)
-Windows Vista with Net.Framework 4.0 (or more) 
-Windows 7/8/10

Update history:

Version 1.0.5 (26 aprile 2018)

  • Now you can increase the height of the text box in which are transcribed the copied files: just increase the height of the program window. 
  • Now the progress bar no longer refers to the number of files to be processed pertinent to each single row but to the total number of files of all selected or displayed rows.

Version 1.0.4
 (06 feb 2018)

  • Fixed a bug for which stopping the processing of folders with lots of files could take a long time. 
  • Added some data in the copy report (i.e. last modification date of files to be copied and of files to be overwritten, if existing and older).
  • Fixed a bug for which the Task Skeduler feature could not work properly.

Version 1.0.3
(05 oct 2016)

  • Now you can choose to copy only files created or modified in a specific range of dates.
  • Fixed a bug for which the download of large files could "freeze" the program buttons.
  • Fixed a bug for which setting by Control Panel/Screen a font size > default (100%) program controls could be displayed only partially.

Version 1.0.1
(09 jul 2014)

First public release.