AAPG Watcher: monitor you favorite servers of America's Army Proving Grounds

America's Army is a beautiful free game, unfortunately there are not so many players and very often at the launch of the game the few favorite servers or are empty or are almost always full.

So it's rare that players can enter quickly in one of them favorite servers: often them need to continually refresh the servers list to check if in some server the whole match is over or there are some free places: frankly a pain in the ass.

AAPG Watcher is a small freeware utility that constantly monitors your favorite servers, alerting you when a match is over (if you have selected 0 players) or if there are some free places (if you have selected players <maximum number allowed on the server). No popup. No ads.

Fig. 1: The match is over on one or more of the selected servers: the window of the program appears on the screen, with the server/servers that meet your request highlighted in green color. Favorite servers are added to the window by the below form.

Fig. 2: Servers are tested on a specific window, selecting them fom a combo box containing the full list of the AAPG servers. After to have selected the IP (and automatically the Port number) has been pressed the "Check the IP" button. The test is positive: become enable the 5 lower buttons that allow you to add the found server to the main window, in the desired row.

Fig. 3: When is reached an alert you can choose to add a sound

Much more infos in the program Help.