PS Play ByVoice: play by microphone at PokerStars tables

PS Play ByVoice allows you to perform by Voice Commands the same Actions that you have enabled as hotkeys by the Settings of the PokerStars Lobby.

More exhaustive infos in the online Help.


  • Up to 56 languages available for the voice commands
  • You can build your own set of words for each voice command (Speech Grammar), so to find the more understandable words for yor microphone
  • You can enable the voice commands you want, regardless of which PokerStars hotkeys are enabled
  • Works with all the original PokerStars table themes

PS Play ByVoice is a trialware program: you can try it for free in all it tasks for about 45 days.

During the first program installation you will have to install (once, if not present) the Microsoft Speech Runtime V11.  Afterward you will have to install at last one Speech Recognition Language at the first program startup.

Before to run PS Play ByVoice check that the microphone is working properly.