PS Play ByVoice: play by microphone at PokerStars tables

PS Play ByVoice allows you to perform by Voice Commands the same PokerStars Actions that you have enabled by setting a hotkey by the Lobby of PokerStars.

The program has been verified and approved by the PokerStars Game Integrity team.


  • 55 languages available for the voice commands
  • You can build your own set of words for each voice command (Speech Grammar), so to find the more understandable words for yor microphone
  • You can enable the voice commands you want, regardless of which PokerStars hotkeys are enabled
  • Works with all the original PokerStars table themes

PS Play ByVoice is a trialware program: you can try it for free in all it tasks for about 45 days.

During the first program installation you will have to install (once) the Microsoft Speech V11 (1) and one language (2). During the following installations of updates you can quickly skip clicking the "Next" button. Afterward you will can install all languages you need by the program menu.

Before to run PS Play ByVoice check that the microphone is working properly. You can check via the Control Panel / Audio or via external programs (eg Skype, calling the default user "Echo / Sound Test Service").

You can build and test your own voice commands by the 'Test window' that you can open by menu (item 'Set your grammar and test it') :

Click to enlarge

Shows the grammar of Speech v11 currently loaded.
Shows if the PokerStars hotkeys are sent to the active table or the table under the mouse cursor
Background of the cell red: the hotkey has been set, but at the moment it is disabled in the PokerStars Lobby (and cosequently can't work on PS Play ByVoice)
Checkbox not checked (red background): voice command is still disabled (even if the hotkey is enabled on PokerStars)
Background of the row yellow: Action is not available in any case via voice command
Set of words that should NEVER be taken into consideration, even if recognized
Minimum level of recognition % so that the word is actually used as a voice command
If selected during the game is displayed into a litlle control window any recognized word

List of the available Voice Commands (yellow background = not available, even if enabled as hotkey):

PokerStars Available Actions
Fold to Any Bet
Fold & Watch (Zoom)
Set Bet Amount to All In
Set Bet Amount to X BB Available n. 5 'X BB' voice commands
Set Bet Amount to X% Pot Available n. 5 'X% Pot' voice commands
Bet/Raise Allin To bet directly by voice command significant amounts is rather risky.
Much safer to set before the amount of the bet and only after to raise.
Bet/Raise X BB
Bet/Raise X% Pot
Activate Next Table  
Activate Previous Table
Go to 'First Action' Table
Enable/Disable Hotkeys