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Donation for PS Hand Watcher 2

NOTE: The program generates the same password of the last previous version of the program. Users registered with the last versions 1.7.x can therefore register with the password already in their possession, no donation required.

The unregistered version of the program can be used indefinitely, with the limitation that is available only a single HUD. To have until 9 huds you must register. Password is currently sent within 24 hours after a donation of 4.00 euros.

Every new PokerStars UserName (which is unique for each player and cannot be changed on PokerStars) requires a new password. If you install more PokerStars clients (i.e. PokerStars.com and PokerStars.fr) best choice is to set the same Username for the two clients, or you will have to make a new donation for the new Username.

Program no more works after the last update pf the Client of PokerStars. Wil be restored within July 2022

To request the password follow the instructions that appear after pressing the button "Get the Password" of the Registration window.

Once pressed the button will appear the following window:

through which you can:

  • Step1: open this web page

  • Step2: open automatically your default mail program that will automatically display a message similar to this:

    To donations@psmate.com
    I have made my donation and I send now my code and my Paypal payment ID (to add manually)
    I look forward to receiving the Password for 'PS Hand Watcher for PokerStars'.

    My PS Hand Watcher Code: MCIR4HFWRWEA

    (Please insert the email address by which was made the donation)
    Email address of the PayPal donor:

    As you can see, your PS Hand Watcher Code is automatically inserted in the text: simply enter manually the ID of the Paypal donation.

    If you do not have a default mail program (for example you were using a webmail) go to the webmail and then "right click / paste" into the body of the webmail: the above message will be automatically inserted.

  • Step3: in a few hours you will receive by e-mail a message like this:

    Here is your PS Hand Watcher Password

    Verify your PS Hand Watcher Code: MCIR4HFWRWEA

    Your PS Hand Watcher Password: WZU8OYHTRERK

    Copy and past your 12 digits password in the PS Hand Watcher registration window.

    You can install PS Hand Watcher in every PC you want, playing with your PokerStars UserName, your PS Hand Watcher Code and this password.

    Save your password for possible future use.

    Report every possible problem by the 'Contacts' page of the PS Hand Watcher web site (psmate.com)