Alarm Stickies 3
by ezio2000

Alarm Stickies 3 is a freeware program, which can be used indefinitely in all its functions. No spam, no ads, no popups with donation request.

The current version of the program can be read in the menu of the program, under the "Info" item.

Alarm Stickies 3 can be freely published and distributed without permission of the author, with the only prohibition to modify the original files.

By default each time you run the program, AS3 checks online if there are updates.

If you want more privacy you can deselect this option and check manually at will if there are updates.

It is recommended to make a new backup of program data before to update AS3 to a new version.


The Monthly Calendar that Alarm Stickies 3 uses in its operation is derived from the open source control "MonthCalendar", Copyright © 2005, Patrik Bohman, which is distributed "AS IS." Click here for more informations.