Alarm Stickies 3
a reminder utility

Alarm Stickies 3 is a program that allows, through the use of "electronic stickies" like the below one:

Default postit: you can change at any time both any attribute of the default postit and the attributes of every single postit
The program allows you to choose the folder where to save settings and data, which therefore can be shared with other your PCs (or operating systems, if you have more than one on your PC), if the selected folder is a shared one (eg a Google Cloud folder ).
Avoid sharing the data folder with other users: a sticky that reaches the alert time is displayed only on a single PC and in case of multiple PCs open at the same time the PC where jumps the sticky might not be the your.

Elements of the sticky:

  1. "Status image" that shows the status of the stickies:
    green color = sticky active (gets keyboard input)
    purple color= sticky inactive
  2. Text area
  3. Date of alert
  4. Time of alert
  5. Resizing area (grab by mouse)

By default each time you run AS3 the program checks on internet (only once) if there are updates. You can deselect this control at any time by the "Info" window.

Read carefully this short Help, so to can use at the best all the program functions.