The recurrences

Alarm Stickies 3 allows you to record, by the appropriate window that can be opened by the menu item "Recurrences", recurring events such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Recurrences can be saved "with notification" and "without notification". Press the "Add" button to add them to the list.

Recurrences saved with notification are displayed (if enabled the check box at the bottom of the Recurrences window) for several days before them expiration date, in accordance with a programmable range of time, eg. from 5 to 2 days before the expiry date or from 2 to 0 days (where 0 days means the same expiration day) .

The most common occurrences without notification are the National Holidays: inserted without notification them only will appear (highlighted) on the Quarterly Calendar.

As already mentioned above, you can set the range of days to see the recurrences close to expiration in the lower part of the Recurrences window.

All occurrences, both with notification that without notification, are highlighted (orange with notification, green without notification) in the Quarterly Calendar.