Known issues

Windows 10 and some programs work at a lower level than Alarm Stickies 3 and in some cases them can block the operation of the shortcut keys (more evident example the 'F8' one to set the alert time that does'nt work).

This happens especially (but not limited to) when Windows restores after a sleep. AS3 is programmed to acknowledge the event: in fact when Windows resumes from a suspend its icon becomes green ( v ) for a few moments (about 5/6 seconds), blocking some program functions so that they are not compromised, and then automatically returns yellow ( n ). If you want to launch one sticky after a suspend is preferable to wait those few seconds, until the icon turns yellow again.

In any case, it is still possible to reactivate the shortcut keys manually, by clicking the central mouse button (in case of absence of the central button can be pressed the mouse wheel) on the program icon, near the Windows clock. In this case the icon should turn green and then yellow again in no more than a couple of seconds.